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Getting closer to usefulness

Posted (a year ago)

I finally separated out Publ-the-library from the main Publ website files, and released v0.1.0 on PyPI, making this the first time I’ve released anything there. Woo!

Anyway, this means that much of the manual is now obsolete, but it also means that actually making one’s own site using Publ is going to hopefully be much easier. I was originally envisioning what was pretty much a big mess of git submodules and other such things, and now Publ itself is just an installable dependency and I can provide the main website files as an example of how to build your own site.

I’ll pretty much have to rewrite the manual, and also there’s some stuff I need to learn about properly using pipenv when developing an upstream dependency in tandem with the thing itself, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. (Plus, Stack Overflow is pretty good for these kinds of questions.)

Also, as part of all these changes I’ve done cleanup such that it’s feasible to deploy on Heroku! So that’ll be good for performance testing as well as a much more compelling deployment target for most people.