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Publ v0.7.3

Posted (2 years ago)

Publ v0.7.3 is now out, with the following changes:

  • Properly handles markdown and HTML stripping in summary text
  • Improves first-paragraph extraction for OpenGraph cards
  • Reduces unnecessary image renditions for OpenGraph cards
  • Finally deprecates the AUTHL_FORCE_SSL configuration setting
  • Adds group display to the user information on the admin panel
  • Fix the PyPI listing
  • Make the image rendition cache purge mechanism actually, you know, work

Note that entry.summary now takes an optional parameter, markup, which defaults to True, for the sake of consistency with the rest of the Publ templating API. If you are using entry.summary to provide descriptive text for things (e.g. <a title="{{entry.summary}}"> or <meta name="description" content="{{entry.summary}}">) this will have to change to {{entry.summary(markup=False)}}.

It turns out the cache-purging bug has been there for 3 years, ever since cache purging was implemented. I guess I never actually tested that code and never noticed that there were stale image renditions hanging around. Whoops.

Anyway, fixing that bug immediately freed up over a gigabyte of space on my server.