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v0.7.0 finally released

Posted (3 years ago)

It took me way longer than I should have, but I finally decided to bump the minor version of Publ to 0.7.0.

My original intention was to only do that after getting the unit test coverage up to 90%, then to 80%, then to 50%… but it’s at 45% and that’s Good Enough I guess. I’d still like to get some proper automated testing in place for the bits that are tricky to test but with a system as complex as Publ it’s not particularly clear how to do a lot of that. The main issue is a fundamental mismatch between how the underlying ORM works vs. how unit testing is supposed to work, and I’ve so far been unable to square that circle. But maybe someday I’ll get the test coverage number up where I want it to be.

In any case, the only actual code change since 0.6.14 was some fixes to how page redirection works, especially around private entries.