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HTML and Markdown options

Anywhere that Markdown or HTML is processed from a content file, the following parameters apply:

  • The standard image rendition arguments
  • absolute: Set to True to force all links to be absolute (rather than relative); for HTML, this applies to all href, src, and rendition attributes.
  • markup: Whether to include any markup in the title; defaults to True, but should be set to False where HTML markup isn’t valid.

    For example, markup isn’t allowed in the HTML <title> tag:

    <head><title>{{ entry.title(markup=False) }}</title></head>
    <body><h1>{{ entry.title }}</h1></body>

    Nor is it valid in HTML attributes:

    <a href="{{}}" title="{{category.description(markup=False)}}">{{}}</a>
    <a href="{{}}" title="{{entry.title(markup=False)}}">{{entry.title}}</a>

    For the sake of improving readability, this will also remove the contents of <del> and <s> tags (such as what are rendered by Markdown ~~strikethrough~~); for example, an entry title of This is ~~not~~ a test will render as This is a test. If you would like more control over this behavior, use the strip_html filter instead.

Markdown-only options

The following options only apply to Markdown content:

  • smartquotes: Set to True to enable automatic smartquote substitution, or False to disable it (necessary in e.g. Atom feeds). Defaults to True.
  • no_smartquotes: The opposite of smartquotes, provided for backwards compatibility; if smartquotes is set then this is ignored.
  • markdown_extensions: A list of extensions to configure the Markdown formatter with; defaults to the global configuration.
  • xhtml: Set to True to render as XHTML instead of HTML (default: False)

Note that an entry’s title is always treated as Markdown, even if the entry itself is HTML.