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Pushl v0.2.14, Authl v0.3.4

Posted (4 years ago)

Double-whammy release today.

Pushl changes

Now all you “RSS is dead” folks have no excuse not to use Pushl. 😘

Authl changes

  • Backend improvements:
    • Renamed the Mastodon handler to Fediverse (since it turns out it supports Pleroma too!)
    • Enabled static analysis in the build process
  • Flask frontend improvements:
    • Improved the login flow for people who are running without Javascript
    • Modernized the JavaScript in the login method probe, and made minor UX improvements there too (sorry to anyone who’s still stuck on an ancient browser, but at least login should still work!)
    • Improved error handling in the login flow; the singular error is passed along to the template (instead of using Flask message flashing), and the login form will be pre-filled with the last URL attempted.