Publ: Tools

Useful tools and resources


This is a tool to make it easier to generate a reblog/reply/etc. of someone else’s page to your own site. It’s currently pretty fiddly but at some point I will have an online version here.


This is a tool which eases website migrations from Movable Type to Publ.


Pushl is a tool which adds IndieWeb integration in the form of WebSub, Webmention, and pingback into any website that provides an RSS or Atom feed.

It was written as a companion to Publ but it works with any site generator such as Movable Type, Jekyll/Octopress, Pelican, and so on, as well as many modern forums such as phpBB and XenForo.

Sample website templates

These are some sample templates and content files to get you started with a new site. They are a minimal version of

These templates include the following functionality:

  • Multiple site sections including a blog, articles, and a webcomic
  • Comments using Isso
  • Webmention/Pingback integration with and Pushl
  • ActivityPub integration with
  • Private entries

They are of course a work in progress; I try to keep these up-to-date as I improve my own site.